(Engine Blow up)


There is up to $1000 cash up for grabs in the Engine Blow-up competition.

Prize catergories include the Longest running V8, Longest running non-V8 & Most Spectactular.

The engines are run at full revs without water in the block until they seize or
blow up. The winner is determined by crowd applause and the stop watch.
Engine Blow-ups are one of the first features of Revheads and remain a
spectacle to be had.
If you haven't seen an engine blow-up competition than you are in for a treat.
The motors will usually run for between 3 & 12 minutes before giving in, or
totally breaking into peices or flames.


Your engine must be at the competition area in front of the club rooms by 8.30am
Saturday. Your engine will be started and inspected by the judges
prior to the commencment of the event.

- No water is allowed in the block. (remove water core plugs)
- Engines must be ready to start at full revs
- Rod bolts are not to be tampered with
- Any fluids such as oils/transmission fluids, may be used in the sump
- No fuel mix, such as nitrous or nitro methane, may be used
For safety reasons, additional fly wheels are not permitted
and bell housings must be fitted
- No turbo's, Rotary's, Super-charges or diesels permitted
- Engine to run on full revs until it stops by mechanical, electrical or any failure
- Judging is made on the spectacle provided, for example, how long
the engine runs, how hard it revs, how many "recoveries" it makes
and the visual spectacle
- The  Judges decision is final

For more info contact Trevor Kulker 0429 009 293


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