Proudly brought to you by

  Alberts Rockingham

The car stereo blast-off attracts competition from all around the state, thanks to the boys
from Alberts in Rockingham, who will be running the event. With the efforts
of their personnel and computer judging equipment the event runs like clockwork.
Entry in the Stereo Comp is FREE. The entrant must pay through the gate but
there is no fee to enter in the competition


Please be advised that cars on the oval must abide by the rules of the show and shine.

- - - - - - -

Remember that a good stereo is great but a good car makes a great show.
So please make your vehicle as presentable as the stereo equipment it contains.
We understand that a lot of people love their audio system more than their car
so please use a little discretion if you wish to enter a rusted out datto
with a $10,000 stereo. This doesn't mean you can't bring it along but please use
a bit of spit 'n polish, this would be greatly appreciated.

 Entrants that arrive on Friday or Saturday, may camp on the oval with your car in the
same way as the Show 'N Shine entrants but we ask that you please pack
away all camping gear by 8am Saturday and Sunday mornings for the
commencement of the show. Spectators like to see cars not tents.

Please remember this is a car show so please don't leave cars locked
 away from spectators. And don't leave any loose valuables in the vehicle.

2017 Results

1-750W: Jason Bownds
751 - 2000W: Trevor Kulker
2000W+: David Sundstrom
Extreme: Aaron Canfora
Ground Pounder: Cameron Sharp


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