27 May

What Makes a Great Pop Song?

Statistics show that pop music is among the topmost consumed genres of music. This does not come as a surprise. Pop songwriters and producers put in a lot of work to ensure that the songs are fantastic. But how do you know whether a pop song is a quality one or not? Here are the features to look out for.

Excellent Song Structure

The best pop songs come with a great structure that is meant to offer you something new as the song progresses. They also provide a certain level of familiarity that will engage you to the end. Typically, a pop song has the following parts, each with their own purpose:

  • Verses – Tells the story.
  • Pre-chorus (also known as the climb) – Builds energy and leads you to the song’s chorus.
  • Chorus – Summarises the song’s message and also has the hook.
  • Bridge – Offers melodic and lyrical contrast as well as a reason to lead you back to the pop song’s final chorus.

Amazing Lyrics

A great pop song also requires terrific lyrics. Do you want to become a remarkable song lyric writer? It is unbelievably easy. Learn how to perfectly sum up the powerful message you have for your pop song. Then, use your words to paint a clear picture of something so that when someone listens to your song, they do not feel isolated or as if they cannot relate to your story. At the same time, ensure that every phrase matters. A pop song is not usually that long, so make sure that you convey your message before it ends.


Despite pop songs having a lot of common elements, your track still needs to be unique. That is what will make it yours and distinguish you from other pop artists in the vast music industry. When writing or singing that song, avoid being superficial. Instead, embrace who you are and do not be afraid to let the world in on it. Your fans will love listening to a song that they did not expect – that is how it will become a hit!

The world’s top pop musicians have mastered the art of writing and singing great pop songs. It has enabled them to gain millions of fans and make a lot of money through sales. An incredible pop song needs originality, great lyrics and the perfect structure.

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